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You have here most of the answers to your questions and tips to help you buy or sell quickly, offer a job, find a job or offer your services for free on our site.

How to quickly find customers on er.afribaba.com?

To sell or offer any type of item, phone, iphone, any product or providing a service, follow our advice will be valuable to find clients easily and quickly in er.afribaba.com.
Follow our advice to make your ads stand out from others.

Choose the best category and subcategory that really match your ads to have a direct impact on customers that may be interested in your products or services.

It is important to publish an ad per item or product you offer. For example, if you have 5 products to sell, it is recommendable to publish 5 advertisements with the title and description of each product or article and the corresponding best photos of the products or articles.

- The title is the most important.
- should be as descriptive as possible
- should contain words that a person would look to try to find what is offered
- Do not put your phone numbers or email in the title or description

Describe your item or service precisely, indicating its status, its features, accessories and any other information important to the buyer ( 9,000 characters max).

Ads with photos get more replies! and are more successful!

To choose the right price for your item or service. The higher your prize will be competitive, you will quickly find customers.